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Give Health, Peace, Joy. The very hottest gift this year just happens to be the easiest to give.
  • Zero carbon emissions
  • Zero API
  • Zero Calories

This gift can bring not just a moment of joy, but a lifetime. It imbues the recipient with a sense of empowerment, provides them with a ready made community of supportive peers and friends. This gift has a ripple effect beyond the giver and receiver. It helps to keep Omaha vibrant, healthy, mindful and conscientious. It supports a small, women owned business.

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This gift offers peace in a time of uncertainty, breath in a time of stress and mindfulness in a time of anxiety.

This gift can be crafted by the receiver to provide movement or stillness or both. It comes standard with experts in wellness who are both kind and capable.

Sound Method Yoga is a hidden treasure.  I am new to Yoga and the smaller class sizes are perfect.  The instructors are so supportive and inspiring.  I really enjoy and look forward to going to class!!!

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