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Mandy Ryle, E-RYT 500, CPT, Director of Teacher Training

I have been in love with Yoga for over 20 years. After initially practicing in college, I re-discovered it when I was a mom of two very young kids going through a divorce. Yoga was my salvation during that challenging time. having the ability to practice at home while my kids were in bed allowed me to connect with myself, discover new ideas and ways of thinking and moving. Understanding the value of Yoga practice, I decided to continue my education. My first real teachers were Ganga White and Tracy Rich from the White Lotus Foundation in Santa Barbara, CA. They have held a big place in my heart since 2008 when I completed my certification.
Omaha Yoga Teacher Training
2018 Yoga Retreat in Mallorca
I never actually planned on teaching Yoga, I sort of fell into it and never looked back. I’ve always been self employed. First as a professional musician then as a Yoga professional. The flexibility of this work allowed me to drop my kids off at school and to pick them up at the end of the day. I love the independence of this occupation. The ability to build something, to set my own schedule, to watch my business grow and evolve over time. In 2010 I set up my own little Yoga studio in a community center, quickly growing out of it, in 2012 I took my first commercial lease and Sound Method was officially born.
I am an educator at heart. I love the variety of minds and bodies in practice. I love the challenge of imparting valuable information to people from all walks of life, with diverse goals and needs.
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As a Yoga teacher I had often encountered individuals who came to Yoga to relieve chronic pain conditions. After developing chronic face pain in 2015 I tried everything with no relief. It wasn’t until I crossed paths with Jules Mitchell that I discovered pain science and it’s harmony with traditional Yoga practices. I learned how my practice could be leveraged toward healing. I live most days now without pain, and I now have tools for getting back on track when my pain flares.

Since then I have devoted myself fully to educating myself not just about the body, but with pain itself. in 2020 I completed a 9 month Pain Science Mentorship with Neil Pearson. Through Neil and Jules I’ve had the opportunity to learn from some of the most esteemed pain science educators in North America. My main work now is with individuals who suffer from chronic pain. In addition to Yoga and mindfulness practices, I use somatics, pain education and strength training.

I am a huge consumer of scientific research reading studies weekly in topics as diverse as pain science, immunology, tissue behavior, neuroscience and of course strength and conditioning literature. Melding science with movement is my great challenge and passion. As a certified personal trainer, I feel strongly that Yoga teachers MUST understand strength as well as flexibility. My trainees are educated in evidence informed practice.

I train budding Yoga teachers to become confident assets in their communities. I offer continuing education in Omaha and around the US. I’ve had the opportunity to lead Yoga retreats all over the world and I reach Yogis in 44 countries with my podcast, The Yin Yoga Podcast.

I feel strongly that Yoga offers so many of the answers to our biggest problems both as individuals and in society. Movement, mindfulness, community and awareness are the key, transformative components of Yoga. They are accessible, affordable and simple to learn. They benefit a person on every level of self. I consider myself privileged to not only teach Yoga, but educate the kind, compassionate educators that will benefit their communities as well.

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