Baby and Me Yoga (mostly done)

Baby and Me Yoga Omaha
Baby and Me Yoga Omaha

My baby girl was born last January. My life and priorities changed then and continue to change daily. My practice has changed, but my passion for teaching yoga has not. Becoming a parent is everything and nothing like what other parents tried to tell me about. I feel like I can relate to other moms now, but I have also felt like we are the only ones going through this new adventure.

There are so many approaches to being a mom I can’t do it justice in a couple sentences. It is so important to me to find a group I can relate to and share my triumphs and defeats with in order to bring the all-encompassing and overwhelming idea of parenthood to a more manageable level.

My yoga practice has changed so much throughout the last 2 years. My pregnancy limited how much I could physically do and then with recovery time after delivery it took a while to start back up. Now with a 1 year old it is most challenging to find consistent time to practice unless I carve out a specific time for us.

I get how hard it is to tear yourself away from this new little life. As a Yoga Teacher I feel that I have tools to help new moms. My goal is to help you carve out time for you and your baby. Yoga is a practice that will be here for you no matter how many diapers you need to change or how much you need to nurse or bottle feed within the hour. In the chaos of caring for a little life learn to look at your breath, your baby’s breath and what is occurring in the present moment. Take small steps with your baby to establish habits of mindfulness and gratefulness that you can begin to weave into your daily practice and life. My 4 week Baby and Me Yoga Series begins in March. Join me to begin or recommit to your Yoga practice as a new parent with new priorities and challenges. With new skills and awareness.

Baby and Me Yoga Omaha

New little life. New mom. New experiences.

This 5 week series is an opportunity to introduce yoga into your life as a new mom. The environment will allow mom and baby to participate together with gentle flows. Moms are encouraged to tend to their baby’s needs and incorporate flows as available. Come and feel accomplished. Know how amazing of a new mom you are!

Please bring your yoga mat, water bottle, and items your baby might need during our time together. If you have a baby carrier you are welcome to bring that as well.

Class is intended for a ratio of one mom/parent per infant less than 18 months old. This is a 5 week series . The series fee is $60 for all 5 weeks for mom and baby. Sorry, we are not able to offer makeups if you can’t make a session.

Tuesdays, 9:30-10:15 am March 17, 24, 31 April 7, 14
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Laura Schafer, Sound Method Yoga Instructor. I have always had a passion for helping people discover and create their own movement. I intermingle elements of dance, physical therapy, and yoga throughout each discipline and practice

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  1. Hi there! My daughter is having a baby at the end of this month! I would like to get her a gift card for a session for Baby & Mommy yoga. Can I do that ?

    1. Hi Johanna,
      Unfortunately we no longer offer Baby and Me classes at Sound Method Yoga. Congrats on your new grandbaby! Hopefully you can find another studio with a similar offering in Omaha.

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