We Are Sound Method Yoga

A friendly Yoga studio in the heart of Omaha

We believe in professionalism, compassion and inclusion

We believe that Yoga is a potent and important practice in our time.


Yoga Classes For all
types of students

We pride ourselves on the diversity of our students. Come sweat or chill. Classes for seniors and beginners through advanced Yogis.


New Students
Just $50

Take a full month of unlimited classes to see if our approach is right for you. Try every teacher, every class time and format that you wish for a full month.

Yoga Classes in Omaha


Yoga Classes

It’s one thing to “do” Yoga and another entirely to “learn” Yoga. Our instructors are passionate about helping you to practice safely and productively in your own unique body. We will teach you to make the most of your time on the mat with kindness and patience.

Wellness Retreats

Travel with like minded individuals. Indulge in daily unrushed Yoga practices. Discover new cultures and cuisines. Make friends and memories for a lifetime.

Anchored Self A Wellness Retreat Cruise in the Northern Adriatic Region of Croatia

Info and registration is on Mandy’s site. You will be redirected when using the Learn More button


There are no strangers at Sound Method. No matter your experience level, no matter your fitness level you are welcomed warmly and treated kindly. The teachers are observant and helpful, their messages thoughtful

Joslyn - SMY Student


New Students
Just $50

Explore every class on the drop in schedule at any time. Meet all of our wonderful teachers and make yourself at home in our stunning space for a full month for just $50.


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