A Yoga Pass for the Entire Family

Just imagine the whole family taking up a healthy Yoga habit together. Partners who sweat together, parents and children learning together. This pass will encourage more movement and more togetherness for your family.

Family Class Pass Details

Omaha Yoga Classes

This pass includes 20 classes for just $220. (single class price is $18) It can be shared among the members of a single household; partners, children and even grandparents.

Families have up to 10 months to use all 20 classes

Family Class Pass Fine Print

This Pass is for a single household

Only the members of a household can share the pass

Create "relationships"

The pass holder must add family members under "relationships" in their profile

Applicable Relationships

You can share this pass with: a child, parent or "spouse"

Omaha Yoga Classes

FAQ about the Family Pass

We have found that kids under 11 don’t get much out of adult Yoga Classes. There are of course exceptions but this pass is best for mature and respectful preteen – teenage kids who have a strong interest in Yoga.

Totally fine to add them to your family group. As long as you are in a single household you are welcome to share. Our management system only recognizes “spouse” so that is why we chose that designation