Yoga Teacher Certification in Omaha

What makes a Yoga Teacher special? Of all the teachers you have had, consider the ones that you really love. What are the qualities that drew you to them and keep you coming back? At Sound Method, we strive to bring out the authentic leader in each of our budding instructors. We provide a strong non-dogmatic, evidence based curriculum that prizes individual strengths. It turns out, very few of us return to a teacher over and over because they can rock a handstand, or because they have the best playlist. We crave authenticity and sincere passion. We search for teachers who have the tools we need to help us meet our goals. 

The Sound Method Yoga Teacher Training faculty will prepare you to become that teacher: Authentic, evidence based, a source of knowledge and compassion. 

Hybrid Program for Busy Professionals

Sound Method Yoga has been training extraordinary teachers since 2012. Our program is always evolving to meet the needs of our busy but committed students. Sound Method Yoga Teacher Training combines the following elements to fit into your busy life.

Classroom Hours

Most Classroom Hours meet on weekends

Online learning

Self paced online lectures for enhanced retention


Small group in person mentoring to enhance skill.

Applied Practice

Learn by doing. We're with you every step of the way.

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5 carefully crafted modules will be explored

1. Cueing and Context

Developing and articulating precise, relevant and powerful verbal instructions for guiding students toward their fullest potential. Establish efficiency in your language right off the bat. Learn to harness the wisdom of a strong personal yoga practice to offer compelling and effective instruction. Discover the foundational postures and transitions of a flow Yoga practice. Understand the anatomy of breath and how to employ it to serve your students.

2. Anatomy, Safety and Therapeutics

An experiential exploration of human anatomy. Application of anatomical and biomechanical concepts in practicing and in instructing yoga. Learn the science of stretching to truly understand both the impact and the benefit of your practice and teaching. Master the basics of modification and strategies for addressing student's most common concerns. In our second module we introduce a broader variety of postures for practice and teaching.

3. Theming and Sequencing

This is where a certification from Sound Method really sets you apart from other new teachers. Learn progressive, mindful sequencing strategies to maximize the success of students of all levels. You will be introduced to sequencing models that will lend cohesiveness to your classes. Learn hands on adjustments and corrections to guide and empower students toward their fullest potential. Learning to build classes for targeted populations and the use of yoga for therapeutic purposes. In module three we begin to understand how to combine poses and transitions to help students reach their goals.

4. Subtle Anatomy

Discover the "other" anatomy such as the chakras, nadis, vayus, bandhas. Addressing the chakratic system and it's many aspects and practical application. We'll also address styles and techniques for meditation in this Module. Discover a whole new realm of asana practice when we apply energetic principles individual poses as well as sequencing strategies.

5. Application and Embodiment

Teaching intermediate and advanced students: Applying the theory of Krama to approaching complicated postures. We'll play with some of our favorite poses -inversions, arm balances and advanced backbends. Advanced hands on assists for challenging postures and the use of manual adjustment for advanced students.

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Program Logistics

Teacher Training Faculty for Winter Traditional Program

Mandy Ryle (RYT 500, YACEP), owner of Sound Method Yoga, Director of YTT

Mandy began practicing yoga in 2000 and has been teaching since 2007. Her vast teaching experience, knowledge of anatomy, vocabulary of asana and sharp clarity in describing and demonstrating concepts that can often be difficult to grasp qualifies her uniquely to train budding yoga instructors. She has in depth training in biomechanics and pain science and offers a unique perspective for teachers in training. Her classes often tell a story and utilize her knowledge of yoga philosophy, history and science. Mandy’s classes never subjugate the importance of the breath and the foundation of compassion. When she isn't teaching Yoga or running Sound Method, Mandy is probably driving her two teenagers Willa and August around, or chillin' with her 3 dogs. Learn more about Mandy at or check out Mandy's podcast The Yin Yoga Podcast.

Jen Weaver, RYT 200

Jen Weaver has a passion for offering classes to students who never saw themselves doing yoga, let alone loving it. Her students are dedicated to her because her style is adaptive, fun and kind. Her commitment to adaptability is evidenced by her additional certifications in Curvy Yoga and Chair Yoga. Jen believes in working from the inside – out, following the guide of the breath and not taking yourself too seriously. She presents classes that are basic yet sneaky challenging. She's a graduate of Sound Method Yoga's Registered Yoga School (class of 2012) and has been a mentor for our trainees since 2014. Learn more about Jen at her website:

Yoga Teacher Training Program Mentors

Mentor Vicki PeckVicki Peck, RYT 200

A lifelong student of movement and alignment, Vicki developed a consistent yoga practice through SMY's corporate yoga program in 2011.

She is thankful to have found this practice because it makes her feel good, combats stress, and has helped her become more strong, more flexible, and more present, both on and off her mat.

She teaches yin yoga, yoga for beginners and vinyasa because she believes there is a yoga for every body. Her classes are accessible, down to earth and kind. Vicki is a SMY Teacher Training RYT 200 graduate class of 2013.

Sound Method Yoga Teacher Training Mentor Pamela ChasePamela Chase, RYT 500

Pamela was born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah where her personal yoga practice began many years ago. She moved to Omaha in 2013 and her first search in her new town was for the yoga studio she would call home. She found it at Sound Method Yoga so it was understandable that it also be the place to complete her RYT 200 hour training. Pamela has been an adventurer most of her life and always sought out “the experience” of each event, encounter, moment and each time on her mat is a new and irreplaceable occasion. Her mother always said she would be a business professional or a comedian; somehow, she makes them both happen. The love of life and true well-being she that endeavors to achieve each day, shows in her teaching, be it in the office or on the mat.

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