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Yoga Teacher Certification in Omaha

What makes a Yoga Teacher special? Of all the teachers you have had, consider the ones that you really love. What are the qualities that drew you to them and keep you coming back? At Sound Method, we strive to bring out the authentic leader in each of our budding instructors. We provide a strong non-dogmatic, evidence based curriculum that prizes individual strengths. It turns out, very few of us return to a teacher over and over because they can rock a handstand, or because they have the best playlist. We crave authenticity and sincere passion. We search for teachers who have the tools we need to help us meet our goals. 

The Sound Method Yoga Teacher Training faculty will prepare you to become that teacher: Authentic, evidence based, a source of knowledge and compassion. 

Yoga Teacher Certification in Omaha

Sound Method Yoga has been training extraordinary teachers since 2012. Our program is always evolving to meet the needs of our busy but committed students. Sound Method Yoga Teacher Training combines the following elements to fit into your busy life.

Classroom Hours

Most Classroom Hours meet on weekends

Online learning

Self paced online lectures for enhanced retention


Small group in person mentoring to enhance skill.

Applied Practice

Learn by doing. We're with you every step of the way.


5 carefully crafted modules will be explored

1. Cueing and Context

Developing and articulating precise, relevant and powerful verbal instructions for guiding students toward their fullest potential. Establish efficiency in your language right off the bat. Learn to harness the wisdom of a strong personal yoga practice to offer compelling and effective instruction. Discover the foundational postures and transitions of a flow Yoga practice. Understand the anatomy of breath and how to employ it to serve your students.

2. Anatomy, Safety and Therapeutics

An experiential exploration of human anatomy. Application of anatomical and biomechanical concepts in practicing and in instructing yoga. Learn the science of stretching to truly understand both the impact and the benefit of your practice and teaching. Master the basics of modification and strategies for addressing student’s most common concerns. In our second module we introduce a broader variety of postures for practice and teaching.

3. Theming and Sequencing

This is where a certification from Sound Method really sets you apart from other new teachers. Learn progressive, mindful sequencing strategies to maximize the success of students of all levels. You will be introduced to sequencing models that will lend cohesiveness to your classes. Learn hands on adjustments and corrections to guide and empower students toward their fullest potential. Learning to build classes for targeted populations and the use of yoga for therapeutic purposes. In module three we begin to understand how to combine poses and transitions to help students reach their goals.

4. Subtle Anatomy

Discover the “other” anatomy such as the chakras, nadis, vayus, bandhas. Addressing the chakratic system and it’s many aspects and practical application. We’ll also address styles and techniques for meditation in this Module. Discover a whole new realm of asana practice when we apply energetic principles individual poses as well as sequencing strategies.

5. Application and Embodiment

Teaching intermediate and advanced students: Applying the theory of Krama to approaching complicated postures. We’ll play with some of our favorite poses -inversions, arm balances and advanced backbends. Advanced hands on assists for challenging postures and the use of manual adjustment for advanced students.

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Program Logistics

Winter/Spring 2022 – 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Training weekends are:
Saturday 9 am to 5 pm
Sunday 10:30 am to 5 pm

Except weekend #1 which is:
Friday 9 am to 4 pm
Saturday 9 am to 4 pm
Sunday 10:30 am to 4:30 pm

Weekend #1
February 17-19  Immersion Weekend Starts at 9 am on Friday. Friday 9 am – 4 pm.

Weekend #2
March 4-5

Weekend #3
March 18-19

Weekend #4
April 1-2

Weekend #5
April 22-April 23

Weekend #6
May 6-7

Weekend #7
May 27-28

Weekend #8
June 24-25

Weekend #9
July 8-9

In addition to class time students will need to complete:

  • 6 observation/assisting hours,
  • 25 SMY classes with senior staff. Students who live more than 1 hour away from the studio have a different practice hours option. Contact Mandy to inquire
  • 12 Practicum hours.
  • 30 Hours of online content that can be done on your schedule.
  • 5 mentor sessions at a time TBA

Attendance is mandatory for all class time hours. Practice hours, practicum and assisting hours may be completed up to one year after graduation (completion of contact hours).

Requirements for SMY’s 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Certification

Sound Method Yoga is a Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga School at the 200 hour level. Graduates of our program can expect to receive the highest quality yoga education based on years of training experience and Yoga Alliance standards.

180 contact hours over 9 weekends are included with the training as well as 20 hours of additional guided training which include practice teaching and other take home projects. About 30 of the contact hours are online content. Motivated students will complete all hours including practice teaching and assisting by the end of contact hours. Contact hours will take place at SMY during training weekends and immersions and a once monthly mentor session, dates and times TBA. In addition to scheduled training dates students will be required to attend 25 mandatory classes at the studio with Mandy and approved senior staff. And 3 classes at other studios (these classes are not covered by your tuition) taken after week 5 and accompanied by documentation. If practice hours cannot be completed before the end of contact hours the student has 1 year (365 days) from the first training date to finish them. 6 hours of class observation/assisting time and 12 hours of practice teaching are also required but can be completed after the formal contact hours are done. At least 15 of the SMY practice hours must be completed to commence assisting and observation hours. These hours begin after weekend #5.

Tuition options for SMY’s 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

$2,500 early bird. Must pay in full OR make deposit and establish payment plan*

$2750 after Dec. 19 

*Payment plan – A $500 deposit is required for registration and to hold your place. Payment will be due on the first of each month thereafter until the full amount is paid in full. Payment amount will be based on the number of months remaining. All payments must be made before the graduation day. Certificate will be withheld until tuition is paid.

Tuition includes all training hours and required practice hours with senior staff at the studio. Students are responsible for the purchase of supplies as well as required and recommended texts. Students are also required to attend 3 Yoga classes at other Yoga studios between weekend 5 and 9. These classes are not covered by tuition. 


Required texts for 2021 Yoga Teacher Training:

TBA – There will be three total
The Key Muscles of Yoga: Scientific Keys, Volume I by Ray Long
Anatomy of Breathing by Blandine Calais-Germain
Required materials:
  • Yoga mat
  • binder for handouts,
  • notebook for note taking
  • pencils/pens

Applying for a Yoga Teacher Certification Course feels like a big step, and it is! It’s also the next step. After you apply you will hear from us via email or phone. This is a great chance to learn more about the program and get any questions you may have answered.

Teacher Training Faculty for Winter Traditional Program

Omaha Yoga Teacher

Mandy Ryle (RYT 500, YACEP, CPT), owner of Sound Method Yoga, Director of YTT

Mandy began practicing yoga in 2000 and has been teaching since 2007. Her vast teaching experience, knowledge of anatomy, vocabulary of asana and sharp clarity in describing and demonstrating concepts that can often be difficult to grasp qualifies her uniquely to train budding yoga instructors. She has in depth training in biomechanics and pain science and offers a unique perspective for teachers in training. Her classes often tell a story and utilize her knowledge of yoga philosophy, history and science. Mandy’s classes never subjugate the importance of the breath and the foundation of compassion. Mandy is a movement advocate and a science geek. Her passion is evidence based practice and her specialty is Yoga for Pain Care. Mandy is also a Certified Personal Trainer and an International Retreat Leader. Learn more about Mandy at or check out Mandy’s podcast The Yin Yoga Podcast.

Learn more about Mandy


Pamela Chase, RYT 500

Pamela was born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah where her personal yoga practice began many years ago. She moved to Omaha in 2013 and her first search in her new town was for the yoga studio she would call home. She found it at Sound Method Yoga so it was understandable that it also be the place to complete her RYT 200 hour training. Pamela has been an adventurer most of her life and always sought out “the experience” of each event, encounter, moment and each time on her mat is a new and irreplaceable occasion. Her mother always said she would be a business professional or a comedian; somehow, she makes them both happen. The love of life and true well-being she that endeavors to achieve each day, shows in her teaching, be it in the office or on the mat.

Learn more about Pamela

Lauren Kraemer

Lauren Kraemer, RYT 500

Lauren was born in central Florida and has had a fascination for movement for the entirety of her life. This fascination brought her to UNL where she obtained a Bachelor’s degree in dance and somatic movement. She began diving into the effects, science, and curiosities of movement, specifically the way movement can change our brains, nervous systems, habits, patterns, and overall outlook on life. This, mixed with yogic philosophies and ethics, have impacted and guided much of her life. With thousands of hours of trainings and teaching experience, she incorporates evidence-based & creative sequencing, inclusive & accessible classes, mindful & approachable challenge, the ability to self-regulate, and easeful awareness of the body, mind, and heart. 

Learn more about Lauren

Yoga Teacher Training Program Mentors

Yoga Teacher Certification Omaha

Jama DeForge, RYT 200 

Yoga: Union.  Body & Breath.  Teacher & Student. For 20 years, Jama has been the student of many teachers, and have the honor to be the teacher at the same studio where she earned her RYT-200 Certification & Yin Certification – Sound Method Yoga.  Vinyasa Flow is her main jam, wherein she aims to keep classes accessible yet interesting, honor the traditions of yoga, and have fun.  Yoga, to her, is part of living well.  Being well.  She’s so excited to share YOUR practice & journey with you.

Yoga Teacher Certification OmahaErin Burke, RYT 200

Through slow breath or sweaty movement, Erin turns to yoga as a pathway for constant growth and discovery. She gravitates towards vinyasa classes and aims to lead a practice that allows students to challenge themselves in an accessible, lighthearted way. Erin completed her RYT 200 and yin yoga certifications at Sound Method Yoga in 2015. She is passionate about cultivating personal wellness through movement, food, and community.

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