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Pamela Chase, RYT500

Pamela Chase is a primary instructor on our teacher training staff. She has been teaching at SMY since 2015 and joined the YTT faculty in 2017 as a mentor. She has been offering curriculum for our program since 2019.

Pamela was born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah where her personal yoga practice began in the 90’s. She was an adventurer most of her life and always sought out “the experience” of each event, encounter or moment. Before ever stepping foot on a yoga mat, in her early years Pamela stepped on many an athletic field, ski slope, gym floor and even onto a stage for theater; however once she found her way to a yoga mat everything shifted. Movement became more embodied, breath began to flow with new found energy and each time on her mat is a new and irreplaceable experience.

Pamela believes that each person chooses to embark on “teacher training” for various and personal reasons; she encourages each person to dive deeper into those reasons, challenge those reasons, accept those reasons and open their minds and hearts to other reasons. She brings a bit of education, questions, considerations, challenges and just the right amount of brevity to her teaching. “We have to find the moments to laugh; they keep us grounded and real!”

Pamela is a scientist at heart with a an understanding that there are things that science just has not been able to explain. . . yet. These are the areas that intrigue her and she brings both the science as well as that “unknown” into her teaching, discussion and exploration.

The love of life and true well-being she that endeavors to achieve each day, shows in her teaching. Pamela says, “Every body is exceptional and everybody is brilliant. I would love you share all that you are capable of, so join me for some Yoga, some education, some discussion and some laughs.” Pamela completed her 200 hour Sound Method Yoga and her 300 hour with Pranam Yoga Shala, both in Omaha, Nebraska.

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