Online Yoga Classes

Online Yoga Classes with Sound Method

Online Yoga Classes

Owner and Founder, Mandy Ryle

Our mission has always been to meet you where you are. Right now, that’s at home. It’s inspiring to see so many putting others first in our community. None of us wants to experience such a drastic change in lifestyle, but social distancing is a compassionate act that we do not for ourselves but for the benefit of the most vulnerable in our society and for the benefit our our future selves.

Unfortunately it can be very isolating. My family is coming to terms with this slowly but surely and it helps to know that though we feel seperated, we’ve actually never been more connected to the whole. Thank you for your commitment to “flattening the curve”. We are proud to be able to serve you where you are. – SMY Owner and Founder, Mandy Ryle

Get Ready

Online Yoga ClassesYou are about to invite your favorite teachers into your home practice space. We want this time to be as nourishing as possible for you. So plan ahead to make your space clutter free and inspiring.

  1. Choose a dedicated practice space. We estimate about 21 sq ft per Yogi at the studio so give yourself at least that much space as well.
  2. Let your family members know that you are off limits during your practice and even invite them to join you!
  3. What device are you using for streaming? More on the specifics later, but if you are using your phone or tablet find a secure placement where you can easily see it!
  4. Assemble your props. If you don’t have a bolster, blanket and blocks grab a pillow, a throw and some of those extra toilet paper rolls you have laying around. An scarf or belt can be a strap and maybe you can train your dog or cat to lay on you strategically to simulate a sand bag. If you are looking for a more authentic experience check out for economical prop options.
  5. Register for your classes! You literally can’t attend if you aren’t registered.

Check Your Tech

Online Yoga Classes Any laptop, desktop, phone or tablet will do for streaming your classes. You don’t need to have a webcam and mic. If you do have the capability to share your video and sound we would love to hear and see you. If not, just login and use the chat feature if you need to ask a question or say hi. By unmuting your sound and video we can provide a slightly more authentic class experience. The teacher may not be able to offer much assistance but she can certainly offer some!

You may be wondering how you will login to your class. We got you boo!

It’s really simple so don’t panic. We’re all in this together right? Do Give yourself some extra time to get situated the first time you attend a class. We recommend that you determine which device you plan to use for classes so you can download Zoom. If you are using a mobile devide just download Zoom Meetings from the App Store or Play Store. If you are using a laptop or desktop use this link to download “Zoom Client for Meetings”. 

  • One hour to 10 minutes before class your instructor will send you a “Meeting Invitation” via email. This email will come from so make sure that email is in your address book!
  • In the email there will be a code like this:
    Join Zoom Meeting Click the code!
  • If you don’t have zoom the program will need to be downloaded first on a desktop or laptop. On a mobile device you will need to download the app.
  • Next you will see this: Online Yoga Classes
  • Open Zoom. From there you will enter the “waiting room”. When the teacher is ready she will allow you to enter. From here you can play will settings to mute or unmute your video or your sound. It’s all very intuitive so don’t be afraid to play with it a little bit.
  • If you don’t have a webcam and mic but need to communicate with your instructor just create a chat. You can communicate with just the teacher or everyone in class! Please note that once class has started the teacher will not respond to chat.
  • For a quick video tutorial on how to join a Zoom Meeting click here

New Registration Policies

Online Yoga Classes

We have new policies for our Virtual Studio that you absolutely need to be aware of:

  • You MUST register at least one hour before class.
  • You MUST have an applicable membership or pass or make payment for class at registration. If you have a pass and the system prompts you to pay, you may have a duplicate account. Contact with your issue.
  • If you must cancel your registration it needs to happen at least 1.5 hours before your class begins. Otherwise your pass will be charged.

“Arrive” Early

Online Yoga Classes Just like coming to the studio, please give yourself time to settle in for class. You will receive an email invite to join class  one hour to 10 minutes before the start time. It’s important that you login before class starts or you may be shut out!

Please cancel at least 1.5 hours before your class. If you miss your class without canceling you will be charged.