Yin Yoga Teacher Training

Oct. 4-9, 2019

Why is Yin different? Yin isn't just the same old poses held for longer. It's a highly therapeutic, meditative style that requires a completely different approach. To teach it well one has to know the philosophical theory that was it’s genesis and the anatomical and physiological protocol that makes it such a healing practice. So often we teachers regurgitate the rhetoric of our teachers but Yin is more than theory. In Yin Yoga Teacher Training you will learn the science behind the “Yin tissues”. Discover the true and false of traditional strategies to make your teaching even stronger.

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    The Venue

    Yin Yoga Teacher Training in OmahaThis training will be held in Omaha, NE at Sound Method Yoga. Sound Method is a beautiful studio in Northwest Omaha, near a plethora of hotels, VRBOs and restaurants. The studio boasts two lovely practice spaces. For your convenience there is a kitchenette with refrigerator, microwave, hot plate, dishes and cutlery. A large table provides ample space for everyone to converse over lunch. Sound Method has a dedicated parking lot and is located near a lovely trail for breaktime strolls. If you are traveling from out of town, we are happy to provide assistance in finding the best place to lodge.

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    Our Focus

    Yin Yoga Teacher TrainingIn Yintensive® Yin Yoga Teacher Training We focus on what we can feel and observe. Yin yoga has a fascinating genesis in Taoisim and is an evolving expression of the Chinese Meridian system. Though it is important to understand the context of Yin, to teach and practice well we will delve into the science of Yin. You'll understand the specific Yin protocol of duration and you'll know how to guide practice in a way that is both safe and transformative. This training is a little different than other Yin trainings. Armed with an understanding of Yin tissues, you will learn how to employ duration safely and effectively. Rather than learning stock sequences, you will amass the tools you need to build customized sequences inspired by a theme, anatomical focus or energetic focus.

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    Sound Method Yoga About UsMandy Ryle has been training Yoga teachers since 2012. She is a leader of events, retreats and trainings worldwide. Years of teaching, studying and practicing Yin Yoga have helped Mandy to develop a unique style that honors Yin's lineage and history, but is fresh and authentic. Mandy encourages future Yin teachers to look beyond Yin dogma to the significant and exciting science of fascia, stretch and physiology. It's a Yogic approach to learning that is challenging but empowering. Mandy is the owner and founder of Sound Method Yoga. Learn more about her on her blog yoga.mandyryle.com. Enroll in her online Foundations of Teaching Yin Yoga course for FREE!

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