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Fuel Your Fall

Fall is the beginning of the busiest season for most of us. The work, family and social obligations can quickly pile up leaving us feeling frazzled and overwhelmed. 

So often we start this season already a bit depleted, wishing for a brief respite, a chance to recharge. A chance to refuel so we can be our best selves.

But recharging is easier said than done. It’s hard to truly step away, to focus on your very valid need for restoration and peace. 

Your friends at Sound Method are here to offer the solution. A full day of movement, mindfulness and connection. We’re serious about wellness so we are presenting sessions to guide you into Fall with a variety of options. From strength to rest, to mental health and even nutrition.

Our Fuel Your Fall retreat is a chance for us to really pamper you with sessions designed to propel you into the Fall inspired and confident. 

A Day Just for You

We have so many things in store for you on this special day. Movement, fitness, education, pranayama and mindfulness. This retreat is to arm you with the tools you  need to thrive in the coming Fall and Winter seasons.

The Details

Saturday, October 21, 2023. Sessions begin at 7:45 am and end at 5 pm. But you can come and go as you like.
Retreat Price
SMY Annual Members and Monthly Plus Members: Full Day $199, Half Day $99 Non Members: Full Day $219, Half Day $99 Early Registration: $20 off before October 2.
Your price includes 8 sessions, a healthy catered lunch, catered snacks, coffee, tea, bottled and sparking water, closing social beverage. Door prizes and swag bag.

Retreat Schedule

We’ve provided something for everyone for this special day. After registration you will choose A or B for each of the 8 sessions.

We’re excited to offer a wonderful mix of opportunities to challenge yourself, rest, or just sit back and learn. 

Yoga Bootcamp

7:45-8:45 am

Kick start your morning with yoga boot camp. This is not a typical yoga session. We will focus on all areas of the body to RESET!! We will build a strong foundation while increasing strength and endurance and improving respiration. But it doesn’t stop there; balance, flexibility and mindfulness are also incorporated to develop and expand the fundamentals to support a deep and personal yoga practice. We will sweat. We will laugh. You will be challenged. You will be given the opportunity to explore your edges. Oh, did we mention we will laugh and have fun? Come and shake off some old and reset to something new.

Instructor: Pam Chase, RYT 500

Duration: 60 minutes

Retreat Kickoff

8:50-9:20 am

Our morning kickoff is a chance to connect with your fellow retreaters over a cup of coffee or tea. We’ll take some time to set an intention for your day. 

Session 2

9:20-10:35 am

Session 2.A

Explore the Flip Side of Inversions

Inverting is not just putting something upside down, rather it is reversing the direction or placing in the opposite position. Come explore new perspectives, ideas and experiences of inversions. This session welcomes all levels of experience as we explore various types of inversions. Simply bring an open mind, a sense of adventure and you will discover something new. This session will consist of both discussion and asana.

Instructor: Pam Chase, RYT 500

Duration: 75 minute

Session 2.B

Chair Yoga

Experience the full benefit of yoga poses while using a chair. This class is for anyone who would like a good full body stretch, offering all the benefits of regular yoga by encouraging, proper breathing and posture, while teaching proper movement of the body for optimum, flexibility, and health.

Instructor: Kathleen Schmidt

Duration: 60 minutes

Session 3

10:40-11:25 am

Session 3.A Discussion

Yoga for Mental Health

As we enter this busy season of giving, we often times forget to give back to ourselves and our mental health quickly takes a hit. Imagine going through this season with a positive mindset, the ability to let things go, and the strength to persevere. Join me in a discussion on how to improve your mental health through yoga, mindfulness, and breathing. This session will provide you with simple tips and tricks to use throughout each day to reset and focus on yourself, even if it’s just for a few minutes each day.

Instructor: Marissa Thomas, Clinical Therapist, LIMHP, RYT

Duration: 45 minutes

Session 3.B Discussion

Yoga and Nutrition for Bone Density

We typically start to worry about bone density as we age, but building strong and resilient bones is a lifetime endeavor. The truth is, it’s really hard to know what the best course of action is. Should we take a medication, avoid low impact activity, or drink gallons of cow’s milk?

Join Mandy for this session to learn about the recent research regarding nutrition, Yoga and other exercise for bone density in this fun discussion. You will walk away empowered to keep your bones healthy for a lifetime. 

Instructor: Mandy Ryle, ERYT 500 and Certified Nutrition Coach

Duration: 45 minutes

Session 4

11:30 am-12:15 pm

Session 4.A Practice

One Perfect Pushup

The shoulders carry the weight of your world. This class will work their capacity for power, strength and gentleness. As the world provides the perpetual push and pull needed to grow and thrive, the shoulders support us in so many important ways.

This practice will be an experience for your upper body, with peaceful transitions to offer a ride for each muscle in the body. With the goal of your 1 perfect push-up.

Instructor: Jeffrey Vrana RYT

Duration: 45 minutes

Session 4.B  Practice

Anti Gravity Practice

Aging is the most natural thing in the world. It tethers us to time and nature. But man does it suck. Our culture tells us that aging is a one way ticket to infirmity and dependence. But! It’s a lie…. Your body evolved to last a lifetime. Join Mandy for this fun, strength/yoga hybrid class. You’ll have a blast learning how to strengthen your “anti-gravity” muscles to improve posture, balance and confidence! THIS is how you age proof your body.

Instructor: Mandy Ryle, ERYT 500 and Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist

Duration: 45 minutes

Nourishing Lunch

12:15-1:15 pm

We will break for a delicious and nutritious lunch. This meal is included in your Reset Retreat Price

Session 5

1:15-2:45 pm

Session 5.A Meditation

Meditation for Connection

Learn the benevolence meditation practice: Metta. During this 30 minute session, cultivate loving kindness for all beings, including ourselves. Includes a guide for practicing at home.

Instructor: Erin Hirsh, RYT

Duration: 30 minutes

Session 5.B Rest

Restorative Yoga 

Quiet the mind, rest the body, and restore the soul with this gentle yoga practice. Experience active relaxation, where you’ll be guided into restful poses, completely supported with comforting props. With calming breath and guided meditation we will release stress and tension, creating an atmosphere for optimal restoration. The practice is perfect for most yogis, especially if you are fatigued, stressed, or just need a little TLC.

Instructor: Suzanne Wright, ERYT 500

Duration: 90 minutes

Session 6

1:55-2:55 pm

Session 6.A Workshop discussion

Pelvic Connections

Develop awareness of your pelvic floor as it relates to breath, voice, and pose. We’ll take a quick look at pelvic anatomy, and then spend some time exploring how those aspects can help you maintain a balanced and healthy pelvic floor. This practice could be especially beneficial for those who feel weakness, pain, or discomfort in the pelvic area, and hip area.

Instructor: Lizz Cowley, RYT

Duration: 60 minutes

Session 6.B Meditation

Walking Meditation 

Join me for true mindful movement in this walking meditation. Meditation is not “just sitting and clearing your mind,” but rather a string of moments to tune and look inward; a string of moments to just be; a string of moments of soft focus. This moving meditation offers a unique moment to “just me in the moment”.

Instructor: Pam Chase, RYT 500

Duration: 15 minutes

Session 7

3:05-3:50 pm

Session 7.A Discussion 

What’s the Deal with Protein

It’s a fact that most Americans don’t eat enough protein. Women especially! This is despite the fact that adequate protein intake can help you loose or maintain your weight, build muscle, help you to heal and recover, manage appetite and even improve metabolic health. 

Join Mandy for a quick and dirty deep dive into why protein is so essential, how much you REALLY need and how to get it. As always this discussion will introduce you to some recent data about protein and optimal health.

Instructor: Mandy Ryle, Certified Nutrition Coach

Duration: 45 minutes

Session 7.B Practice

Empowered Flow 

Yoga can show us how strong we really are! This power flow incorporates warriors, gods, and goddesses and is appropriate for all levels.

Instructor: Erin Hirsh, RYT

Duration: 45 minutes

Session 8

4-5 pm

Session 8.A Pranayama 

Powerful Breath
In this 1 hour pranayama session we will incorporate 2 special breathing techniques to eliminate stress, enhance energy and raise awareness for the body mind system.   We will start with 6 or 7 minutes session of alternate nostril breathing to help the mind get focused for a powerful 25 min breathing kriya we will be doing during the session.
The potent 25 minute pranayama will consist of breathing in a specific rhythm (slow, medium, fast rounds) to activate the vagus nerve as well as release positive chemicals such as oxytocin and vasopressin.  At the end of the breathing we will sit for 15 minutes to dwell in a mind that is saturated with joy and tranquility.  The combined pranayama is a total reset for the mind and will confirm the true power of the breath the yogis have known for centuries.

Instructor: Anand Murthy

Duration: 60 minutes

Session 8.B Partner Practice

Buddy Yoga 

Bring a friend, partner, spouse and have fun exploring yoga poses together. This class will be lighthearted and fun, appropriate for all levels.

Instructors: Erin Burke and Jama DeForge

Duration: 60 minutes

Closing Social

5 pm

It’s been a busy, exciting day. A day of learning, personal growth deepening connections and making new friends. Take some time to reflect over a glass of wine or mocktail and snacks. We will award our door prizes during the closing social.


A Day to Reset and Revive

Take the time you need to enter the Fall season with fresh perspective. This retreat is designed to help you connect with your Yoga community and learn healthy strategies to fuel your Fall. Our goal is to empower you toward a Fall suffused with inspiration and confidence.

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