Benefits of Yin Yoga Infographic (missing infographic)

The Benefits of Yin Yoga

Students of Yin are incredibly devoted to the practice. My Yin regulars are SO regular. They tell me that they suffer when they have to miss class. Their back or hip starts to act up, they feel stressed out and they just miss their Yoga friends. 

Anecdotal evidence is clear that students get a great deal out of Yin, but some of us are a little more skeptical. I’m in the skeptic camp, I like to see evidence. Well, that’s a little difficult since specific studies into Yin are rare. But if we deconstruct a bit and look at really good research regarding key elements of Yin we can find some compelling or even convincing evidence that a duration practice is just really good for you. 

There is a great deal of really cool research into fascia and connective tissue, so some of these claims come from those discoveries. Studies about Yoga are abundant as well. 

If you are a skeptic like me, have a look at the Benefits of Yin Yoga Infographic. If you’d like to know sources, just reply in the comments and I will respond with the appropriate links or information. 

The Benefits of Yin Yoga Infographic

The Benefits of Yin Yoga Infographic
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Mandy is the owner and founder of Sound Method Yoga in Omaha, NE. A hardworking studio owner, yoga teacher and mom she is an avid reader and a lifelong learner. Mandy has a keen interest in science and channels this love into her classes. You can expect a session influenced by her knowledge of biomechanics, pain science and neuroscience. Her love of movement is not limited to Yoga. Mandy is passionate about somatics, inspired by the Feldenkrais Method®. Her daily movement routines include weight training, HIIT, martial arts, hiking, dog walking and more! Any movement is good movement. She is the primary faculty for Sound Method Yoga’s Registered Yoga School and the developer of that program and other training programs for Yoga teachers such as her trademarked Yintensive®. Mandy is the host of The Yin Yoga Podcast. Her classes are creative, authentic and often praised for her storytelling. Her goal is to help her students and clients find their own somatic sovereignty through movement, breath and mindfulness. She teaches in Omaha and around the world. 


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