Fresh Start for Long Lost Yogis

Fresh Start for Long Lost Yogis

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A Fresh Start for Long Lost Yogis

Maybe it’s been awhile since you’ve practiced at SMY or just practiced at all? We want to offer complete amnesty! A fresh start for long lost yogis. Whether you used a Groupon to pay for classes back in the day, or attended with a new student deal back at our old studio in Clocktower, just came for a single class or event. Even if you were a member at one time, We want you back!

Come back to SMY with our $35 Fresh Start Pass

We’ve got a pretty good thing going at our new Tranquility Place location and we thought maybe you’d like to come by for some classes? During the month of August we are offering a Fresh Start pass for long lost yogis. That means simply that, if we haven’t had you in for a class in the last 3 months (since January 2018) you can take a full month of unlimited classes with our talented staff, in our beautiful new home for our New Student price, $35. Regardless of our history! Just use the email we have on file for you to login. If you don’t have profile in our system, use your email on file then choose “forgot password” to choose your password. If you have attended classes more recently please have a look at our pricing on classes, the fresh start option will not be available to you. Purchase your Fresh Start Pass before May 15 to get the deal. Activate your pass anytime within the next 12 months. Your month of unlimited classes will begin when you return for your first class.


What do you say? Can we make a fresh start?


You won't regret this. You can begin your month anytime within the next year. You MUST purchase before 5/15/2018

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