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What an exciting few weeks this has been for SMY staff and friends. We’ve had some ups and downs. There have been quite a few unpleasant surprises but also some extraordinary acts of kindness. I’m advancing quickly in my practice of humility these days… The support we’ve received from old and new friends and even strangers is something I hope to hold in my heart for the rest of my life. It’s been extraordinary.

Curvy Yoga in Omaha

I couldn’t be happier to announce that Matt and I have taken on another Sound Method owner. Jen Weaver has been my student, friend, collegue and conscience for many years now. She’s a brilliant yoga teacher who has a passion for inspiring students who never saw themselves doing yoga.

Many SMY students can say that because of Jen they have a strong, independant practice. She’s incredibly dedicated to the Sound Method community and has been a torchbearer at our studio since she did our very first Yoga Teacher Training back in 2012. She has demonstrated her dedication to adaptive yoga by earning certifications in Curvy Yoga and Chair Yoga. Jen is also a details person who is particularly gifted and educated in numbers. For these reasons, Matt and I have invited Jen Weaver to join us as an owner of Sound Method. As of last week it’s officially official!

Over 5 months ago I learned that Sound Method would soon be homeless. At the time, I was devastated. I had no idea if our studio would survive losing our location with such short notice. I worried that the bindings of our community were brittle and would crumble if we had to close our doors for an extended period of time. Now, nearly half a year later I see what an opportunity that news was. Perhaps not a financial or business advantage… but a chance to really see how hard I would fight for my studio, my peeps, my students and friends and how hard they would work for what we have built! It has been an opportunity for Matt and I to step back and really see this thriving community and ask ourselves what we would do differently with a chance to start fresh, knowing what we know after four and half years of building Sound Method. We knew that it was finally time to bring in our friend Weaver. Without Jen, her professionalism, commitment and energy, Sound Method is just not as Sound Method-y. Thank you for being a part of this journey. Matt, Jen and I are so excited to watch the next chapter unfold with you.

Mandy Ryle

Mandy Ryle

Mandy is the owner and founder of Sound Method. She’s been practicing yoga almost daily since 2006. A lover of literature and history, exercise and summer. Her most impressive skill is her ability to remember people and names, though at her 15 year high school reunion she remembered no one… A former professional musician, she’s never held a “real” job. She’s also a mom of 2 and step-mom of 1

Classes Start January 23!

Come practice at our new location at 12302 Emmet!

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  1. I am thinking about getting back to yoga, i do have a disability called Guillaine Barre that impacts my feet; additionally, i need to build up bone in my spine— per Dex tests. So, my question is– can i try a couple of classes for either free or make a 1 class payment, in order to see if i can do it? Secondly, in your practices, is there any focus on the spine?
    Thank you

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