Waiting for January

Waiting for January

It’s hard to believe it’s been only about a month since I last set foot in our old Sound Method Location. I miss seeing my friends and students, I miss the anchor of having a space to teach and practice. But mostly, I’m excited. At first the number of things to do and decisions to be made to make our new place a yoga home seemed completely overwhelming. It’s still pretty scary but many of you have been so encouraging and I’ve also discovered some major talent and aptitude for design and construction among our students.

I know that many of you are really missing your yoga and your yoga family. Every day we get a bit closer but as expected, the unexpected is the norm in these sorts of dealings. We had hoped to welcome you back before Christmas, now we are really hoping to be snug in our new place just after the new year. Just for fun you may like to register for your classes starting in 2017. Please note that not all of our schedule is up yet. Just to be safe there are no classes scheduled till the second week of January so click the arrows till you see some classes pop up.

Stay tuned for details on an Open House for you to preview our beautiful new studio! If you aren’t yet subscribed to our newsletter you can subscribe here so you don’t miss any updates.

Oh and one more thing

Sound Method Yoga Omaha

We have a new page for collecting our reviews and community feedback so please share your comments about SMY. Your feedback is so helpful to new students as they search for new opportunities to become active and part of a vibrant yoga community. You’ll have our appreciation! Leave a Review


Mandy Ryle

Mandy Ryle

Mandy is the owner and founder of Sound Method. She’s been practicing yoga almost daily since 2006. A lover of literature and history, exercise and summer. Her most impressive skill is her ability to remember people and names, though at her 15 year high school reunion she remembered no one… A former professional musician, she’s never held a “real” job. She’s also a mom of 2 and step-mom of 1

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