Summer Yoga Challenge

Challenge Begins on June 10!

Yogis, the SMY 2016 Summer Yoga Challenge is back! Our Yoga Challenges as you know are epic fun, but also you know… a little challenging. This year we will be working in teams, yes TEAMS. Challengee’s will assemble teams of two, but we’ll have mini team challenges along the way for the opportunity to add a “ringer” to your team for a week. The challenge begins on Friday, June 10 and ends on Friday, August 12.

Grand Prize

The team that completes the most classes wins $400 to share off of our Greece Retreat.


Each team that gets 20 or more classes total gets a coveted SMY Summer Yoga Challenge t shirt! The team with the most classes wins the grand prize: $400 to share off of our 2017 Retreat to Greece! (Not planning to join us? It’s cool, we’ll credit each of your SMY account $100 to use on classes instead). All classes from our drop in schedule and workshops schedule count toward your total, as well as any private sessions you take at SMY.


About every other week we’ll host mini-challenges. Every team that completes the mini challenge will be assigned, at random, A RINGER! Yes, your team will get to claim all classes taken by your ringer for the week AFTER the mini challenge for your total. Who are the ringers? SMY Staff Members! After your team has completed the mini-challenge, please let the staff member know so they can note it.

June 19-25

Attend a class with your teammate.

July 3-9

Both teamates do a two-fer (attend two back to back classes)

July 17-23

Both teamates bring a guest. Guest passes will be available at the front desk.

July 31 August 6

Take a class you haven’t taken before. (Or at least for 3 months)

Keeping Track

All team stats, including ringers will be listed on a large whiteboard in the blue room. You’ll be able to see where your team stands, and how your competition is doing as well. Of course you always have access to your class history via your Mindbody Account or from your phone via our app on Android or iOS


What are you waiting for! Registration costs $30 (to cover shirts and admin expenses). Classes are not included in the registration fee. Your partner will also need to be registered. Don’t have a partner but really want to join in? Email Frank the yoga challenge matchmaker.

Mandy Ryle

Mandy Ryle

Mandy is the owner and founder of Sound Method. She’s been practicing yoga almost daily since 2006. A lover of literature and history, exercise and summer. Her most impressive skill is her ability to remember people and names, though at her 15 year high school reunion she remembered no one… A former professional musician, she’s never held a “real” job. She’s also a mom of 2 and step-mom of 1

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