Summer Yoga Membership

Summer Yoga Membership

This could be the Summer… You always say that when things slow down you are really going to commit to your practice. You know how great you feel when you come to class regularly; you feel stronger, slimer and so many of those aches and pains just don’t bother you as much. Plus you sleep great and just feel … lighter.

Make THIS your Summer of Yoga!

We want for this to be your Summer too, so for a short time we are offering a special Summer membership! We know that travel comes up so we’re keeping the price low, low enough that you won’t feel like you missed out if you were out of town for a few days.

What if I am already a member?

Summer Yoga Membership

Summer Yoga Membership for current members

Don’t worry we’ve got you! We totally get that Summer can mess with your schedule so we will absolutely pause your current membership* if you want to take advantage of the Summer Yoga Membership. Please purchase the Summer Membership then email Kelcie to ask her to pause your current membership until your Summer Yoga Membership is up.

*This will add 3 months to your current membership term

When can I purchase the Summer Yoga Membership?

When can I start my summer Yoga membership

When can I start my summer Yoga membership

The Summer Yoga membership is on sale from May 1 – June 15 only. Your membership term begins on the date of purchase*. You will have 3 months from that date to enjoy all the Yoga you want!

*If you prefer to set the date that your membership begins just give us a call  to purchase or purchase in studio. 402-991-7673



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Stronger, leaner, calmer and more connected.