“There are no strangers at Sound Method. No matter your experience level, no matter your fitness level you are welcomed warmly and treated kindly. ” Joslynn

Class Levels

We want you to feel comfortable in our studio. Over the years, we’ve learned that students appreciate knowing the “level” of the class they are taking. It’s good for new students, experienced students and our teaching staff. We use levels to facilitate the best practice experience for you.

Gentle Vinyasa

A basic practice with plenty of instruction and help from our experienced teachers. Pace is slow and steady. Movement is deliberate.

  • Novice and students who prefer a slower pace
  • Active
  • Building basic skills


The other great class when you are just starting out. Yin is the slowest, coolest yoga style. Wonderful for athletes for improving flexibility as well as less mobile students who can get to the floor and up again.

  • Best for stress relief
  • Not active
  • For ALL yogis

Vinyasa All Levels

For students looking for a little more challenge. If you have some yoga experience and want to learn more advanced techniques here is the class for you

  • Beginners+
  • Active
  • Expanding on basics and developing new skills

Vinyasa Intermediate Level

Less instruction is offered in all levels/level II classes. Expect to be given plenty of options for customizing your practice whether you are needing to take it easy or ready to sweat!

  • Somewhat experienced
  • Active
  • Many options offered

Vinyasa Intermediate/Advanced Level

For students who are prepared to make choices in their practice. Students should be well informed about basics and ready to take care of their own unique body in unfamiliar postures and transitions.

  • Experienced
  • Active

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First Visit FAQ

We are located in the Tranquility Park area. Our address is 12302 Emmet Street. We are one block South of Maple Street on the back side of the Tranquility Place Shopping Center facing Emmet Street. Before you arrive please create an account. Next choose the class you wish to take here. You can register on our schedule as well. Purchase a pass during registration or register as unpaid and buy your class(es) when you arrive. For additional class pricing please check out our class pricing page. If you are unsure where to start please contact Frank at frank@soundmthodyoga.com or at 402-991-POSE(7673)
Plan to be at least 10-15 minutes early your first time. You will need time to meet your instructor, grab any equipment you might need and get settled. You should wear comfortable somewhat form fitting clothing. Pants or 3/4 length shorts are encouraged rather than gym shorts to preserve modesty. Remember, you are going to be bending over! Try to avoid clothing that is too loose fitting or that needs to be adjusted frequently. The less you think about what you are wearing the better. Layer your clothing if you get cold easily and bring a pair of socks for the end of class. Shoes and socks are not worn during yoga practice.

If you already have a yoga mat bring it. If not, just bring you. We don’t recommend purchasing a mat before your first class. You can borrow one while you are here for $2. As your practice develops you will likely develop preferences and dislikes regarding your yoga mat and should plan to purchase one after that. Sound Method offers yoga mats for purchase when the time comes. We have all the props that you will need while you are in class though some students prefer to bring their own blocks, yoga strap etc. We use wool blankets as props, if you are sensitive to wool please bring a large beach towel to substitute. Yoga props are invaluable to any yoga practice and can also be purchased at the studio for home practice. Some students also like to have a towel on hand to stay dry during practice.

Hatha Yoga or the yoga of postures is a physical practice of asana (poses), transitions and breath (pranayama). At Sound Method Yoga we practice movement mindfully and carefully with regard for alignment to facilitate the greatest benefit to the student. Though SMY offers several different kinds of classes our first priority is your safety. Yoga is more than just exercise but you will leave feeling like you’ve worked hard. Yoga is not competitive; through yoga we learn to practice compassion first with ourselves so we can then be kind to others. Yoga is where we get better. If you are worried about your lack of flexibility, strength or experience, weight, age , etc…. join us. We can improve at all ages and sizes. Plan to absorb and experience your practice without expectations. At Sound Method you become a true yogi when you honor your strengths and weaknesses; success comes from doing poses mindfully and safely, not from pushing yourself to do more and more complicated positions.

The best kind of exercise is the kind that you love. As with any physical fitness program, yoga can and should be done regularly. For some this means once a week. For most it means at least two or three times a week. Because frequent practice is so important Sound Method offers 3 membership options to make practicing convenient and affordable. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have questions or concerns, we love new students and are happy to chat: 402-991-7673