Residential 200 Hour Teacher Training in Greece

200 Hour Certification

Immerse yourself in your personal practice as you learn the skills to guide others.

25 days in Greece

Embark on your journey as a wellness professional in the land of harmony and health.
June 1-25, 2018

A life changing experience

Study with like minded Yogis from around the globe. Shift your perspective.

Journey to a small island in the in the Saronic Gulf. When you arrive you will begin a process that will change you forever. With strangers who will become classmates and teachers that will inspire you and challenge you in this new environment where everything is new and anything is possible. Your days on this island will be spent exploring beaches and ruins, ancient landscapes and charming seaside towns. You'll live and breathe Yoga. But mostly, you will explore yourself through the lens of Yoga. Teacher training in Greece will expose you to new movements and possibilities in your practice and in your life. You will make this unfamiliar knowledge your own. When you leave this place, you will never be the same again.

Questions about Yoga Teacher Training in Greece

I’m Mandy, lead trainer and director of teacher training since 2012. I believe in empowering individuals to access their own heart and intelligence. Please let me know if you’d like to learn more.

The Venue – Aegina Island

Aegina is located in the Saronic gulf just across from Athens. In fact, at night you can see the twinkling of Athens lights across the water. It takes about an hour to reach Aegina by ferry. The island has all the charm you could want from a Greek Island complete with ancient olive groves, magnificent hiking, lazy port towns and ancient ruins.

Training Curriculum

5 carefully crafted modules will be explored

1. Poetic Cueing and Historical Context

Developing and articulating precise, relevant and powerful verbal instructions for guiding students toward their fullest potential. Learning to bring the wisdom of a strong personal yoga practice into effective teaching strategies. In this model we begin to discover some of the foundational postures and transitions. You will learn how to practice and teach these poses safely.

2. Anatomy, Safety and Therapeutics

A purposeful exploration of human anatomy. Application of anatomical and biomechanical concepts in practicing and in instructing yoga. Learn the basics of modification and safety strategies for addressing student’s most common vulnerabilities. In Our second module we introduce a broader variety of postures for practice and teaching.

3. Theming and Sequencing

Progressive, mindful sequencing strategies to maximize the success of students of all levels. Learn hands on adjustments and corrections to guide and empower students toward their fullest potential. Learning to build classes for targeted populations and the use of yoga for therapeutic purposes. In module three we begin to understand how to combine poses and transitions for maximum safety and effectiveness

4. Subtle Anatomy

Discover the “other” anatomy such as the chakras, nadis, vayus, bandhas. Addressing the chakratic system and it’s many aspects and practical application. We’ll also address styles and techniques for meditation in this Module. Discover a whole new realm of asana practice when we apply energetic principles individual poses as well as sequencing strategies.

5. Application and Embodiment

Teaching intermediate and advanced students: Applying the theory of Krama to approaching complicated postures. We’ll play with some of our favorite poses -inversions, arm balances and advanced backbends. Advanced hands on assists for challenging postures and the use of manual adjustment for advanced students.

200 Hour Teacher Training Graduate Feedback

Mandy has a gift and I am fortunate to have received training from her.  She is passionate, patient and creative beyond measure.  She creates a learning environment which is inclusive and collaborative allowing each student to find their own voice while supporting and lifting each other up.  After I received my RYT-200 certification, I was confident and prepared to continue the development of my own voice to share with others due to the training I received with Mandy at SMY. 
Cynthia, Class of 2016

Program Logistics

Upon completion of this Teacher Training in Greece, you will be eligible to apply for Registered Yoga Teacher status at the 200 hour level with the Yoga Alliance. In addition to the contact hours included in this training, students will need to complete an additional 20 non-contact hours. Some of this will be reading and homework during our 24 days, but an additional 12 hours will be teaching practicum done once you get home. This will be explained in detail during training. Once your practicum hours have been submitted you will be sent your certificate and be able to apply with the Yoga Alliance for your RYT status.

Teacher Training Faculty

Practice Spaces

The Yoga platform at our hotel will serve as morning practice space. Afternoon discussions on philosophy and teaching methodology and evening meditations and talks will also happen here. Inspiring views of the gulf and Aegina Coast will make these practices especially memorable. We will also have an indoor space at Irides for lectures.
Pure Fitness is a Yoga/fitness studio located in the largest town on Aegina. We will transfer to this space on some afternoons for a cooler and distraction free learning experience. Afternoons in town will give us a wonderful opportunity to immerse in Greek island life. With free time after transfer and arranged lunches at local tavernas.


Irides Luxury Apartments Hotel is a quiet retreat settled right on the gorgeous jade and azure water of the Saronic Gulf. It's a family run establishment that feels like home when you are there. Stunning views, a salt water pool and amazing homemade meals served outdoors make Irides a perfect spot for an intensive, residential yoga teacher training in Greece.
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Accommodation Options

Four options are available. Select your choice based on whether you prefer to stay in a room alone (very limited) or if you are wanting to room with 1 -3 other students. An economy room is available as well. These rooms do not have a sea view but are identical if every other way to the sea view rooms. In the photos beds are combined but two twins will be provided unless a couple is occupying the room. The price listed with each option includes room, board, transfers between practice spaces, transfer from port to Irides on arrival and from Irides to port at departure. Tuition is an additional $3100.


Share a room with a roommate of choice or an assigned roommate. These rooms are beautiful but do not have a sea view. 


Have your room all to yourself. These rooms have a terrace and a sea view. This option is extremely limited.


Share a room with one other student. You will each have a twin bed unless a couple is using the room.


Lofts have 2 twin beds on the first level and 2 in the loft. Rooms have terraces with stunning views. 

Pricing for Accommodation Options

Double Studio Economy
$1664.26 (€1355.56 approx)

Private with Sea View
 $2872.92 (€2340.02 approx )

Double Sea View
$1869.03(€1522.34 approx)

Triple or Quadruple with Sea View $1580.40 (€1287.25 approx )

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FAQ about Yoga Teacher Training in Greece

Got questions?

While I did not have plans to be a Yoga instructor, something happened to me during training with Mandy, and I now can’t wait to teach. I feel I have something special and worthwhile to impart to students. Not only do I feel that I have grown as a yogi, I have grown as a woman, as a professional, as a teacher.

Pam, Class of 2015